Nearco Motor Group opened in March 2017 at Rivergate – started strong but the recession was heavy and Covid gave everyone a knock. Working hard to get ahead – see positive things for 2022.

We do all the products, brands all of them – sales and service 100% – and a variety of other mixers and cranes – we are finding that there’s a large demand for Shantui as well as V3 trucks and the famous Foton FT series.

Culture wise – we are looking to create specialists for each brand to better service customers – and service-side too.

Small, tight-knit group – we work well together – workshop and field service is expanding nicely and we’re getting a lot of new customers who hear of our service excellence. Parts department are the best in South Africa.

Experience: Our team has extensive experience – a long track record in this industry. Our Dealership Principal and Owner has a history of operating in the quarry business and has a deep knowledge of what type of machinery and trucks work better in these types of industries.

Our Sales Manager has been in the industry for some time – background – 20 years and is one of the few ladies (historically) enjoying this industry. Obviously client-centric, long-standing relationships, and repeat business. Some of our customers have followed our sales teams from other manufacturers to become ESI clients.

Word of mouth is working well for us – Powerstar technology may be using older technology but that’s the secret. They last, they are easier to repair, excellent engines and perfect for African conditions so our customer base is really appreciative of that. Parts availability is also a major plus point.

We don’t think anyone can beat us on the quality of our services – and that includes after-sales-care. . . we really do go the extra mile in terms of client engagement and remaining connected at all times.

We are located next to the N7 so it’s easy for clients to reach us and also easy for us to get to clients for field services, service calls, and so forth.

Once you are part of our family you are always part.


Tony Ciolli


Moosa Toffar

Chief Operating Officer

Humandi Conradie


Charné Coetsee